Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tis the Season of Giving. . .

I love that my job gives me the ability to bring joy to people's hearts and faces. I love that I can create timeless memories that will last a lifetime. A client once told me : "Your work will outlive you in family albums for generations to come, how cool!"

I know that being able to afford a personal photographer is a luxury, and while I aim to keep the quality of my work tremendously high while shooting to keep my prices affordable, there are people that are still struggling on a daily basis just to buy milk and keep a roof over their heads.

Christmas is a time for joy and hope and giving. I would like to give as well. I will be giving away standard photo sessions to families that deserve it, but can't afford it. I am asking that you nominate someone you know- someone you think would cherish the gift of a photo session but can't afford it for one reason or another. You can explain their family situation, their particular hardships, or why you think they are deserving people. Please if possible include a photo!

Please email your submissions to melissa@snappedwithlove.com
Please Include:
  • Your name
  • Your Email
  • Your Phone Number
  • The Nominees name
  • The Nominees Email
  • Why they are being Nominated
  • A photo if possible
All Submissions must be in by Christmas EVE!!!!
The 3 winners will be selected and announced on Christmas Day!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

I just finished my Christmas Cards with Shutterfly.com!! I am so excited about them, I can't wait to get them in the mail! I was lucky enough to be part of the Shutterfly 50 free Christmas Cards Promotion and so all I had to pay was shipping! I love it! You should give Shutterfly a try! I know you'll love it as much as I do!

Little Tree Red Christmas 5x7 folded card
Make a statement with Shutterfly Christmas photo cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

The “B” Family { Custom Family Photography Katy, TX)


Big families are so fun to take pictures of! There is always so much character and personality and each child is so unique and different! The "B" Family is amazing! These kids are so good and respectful! Every single second of this shoot was a joy. Thank you for trusting me with your amazing family!

EDITDSC_0943 copy




LOGODSC_0774 copyLOGODSC_0796






LOGODSC_0943 copy

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Use Shutterfly for your Holiday Christmas Cards!

Being a professional photographer, a lot of people ask me where they should get prints and cards and invitations made. This time of year, I thought it would be a good time to tell you, that I think Shutterfly ROCKS!!!!

There are a lot of choices out there, that you can use for your Holiday Greetings and gifts, but there is only one that I recommend!!! Shutterfly has hundreds of AFFORDABLE options, sizes, colors! They are amazing! I am a huge fan of the "Oh what Fun" Christmas card! If you're not a photo editor, they also have great ways for you to edit your photo on Shutterfly.com when you upload to design your card!!! You can soften the image, make it sepia and black and white, you can saturate it for a dramatic effect. It's really very cool, the options and flexibility they give you on their site!

I can't say enough great things about them! They are also very timely and will get you your products faster than any other company I have worked with!

Below see the links to their cards, invitations and other products.
Give 'em a try this year! You won't be disapointed! :)

· holiday cards to http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/holiday-cards

· Christmas photo cards to http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-photo-cards

· calendars to http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars

· personalized mugs to http://www.shutterfly.com/photo-gifts/photo-mugs

· birthday invitations to http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/birthday-invitations

· Christmas cards to http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-cards

· Choose your favorite product from our Cards & Stationery page

My Precious Babies

No Explanation needed. I love these girls with all my heart Smile



My Nieces… {Custom Family Photography Sealy, TX}


I love taking pictures of my sweet nieces...


Today we went to the farm in Sealy and this is what I came up
with! They are just so cute!!!