Friday, November 19, 2010

What is a Portrait Party??

Portrait parties bring together friends and family for affordable professional portraits taken in a relaxed, natural environment.

These sessions give everyone a custom portrait experience with Snapped With Love Photography without spending a lot of money.

Portrait Parties are great for people who:

* are on a budget but still want professional photos taken of their children or themselves.
* need updated photos of their children
* have always wanted to try a “themed” session.
* want a fun way to bond with girlfriends

What is a Portrait Party?

A portrait party is an event hosted in your home or a near by location (parks are great!) where Snapped With Love Photography will take photos in 10-15 minute mini sessions.

How do they work?

Portrait Parties are hosted by one person who provides the location, coordinates the guest list, schedules the sessions in 10-15 minute intervals and assists the photographer in keeping everyone organized.

Each guest pays a reduced-rate portrait fee which includes the following (note: Hosts get all this free!):

  • One 10-15 minute custom photo session
  • 5-7 digitally enhanced photos burned to a disc
  • $25 session credit on a future standard photography session from Snapped With Love Photography.

*Session fee is $45 per guest.

What are the advantages of Hosting?

Hosting is Portrait party is HUGE for you! Your session is free during the Party and will be 30 minutes long (A true mini session ($85 value)). You will also receive $50.00 off of your next standard session.

Sign me up!

First, make out a potential guest list. We require at least 6 families/people to participate in the parties with a maximum of 15. Discuss dates with your guests to see which dates will work best for all of you. Think of the best location (Spring & Summer sunshine make parks and backyards work lovely). Once your date is set you can put together an invitation how ever you would like- by postal, Using Evites or Creating an event on Facebook.


Encourage your guests to bring Props--hats, fairy wings, princess crowns, a favorite toy, bubbles or even a pet! Anything to make the photos your own and make them unique!

Play with Themes

As wide open as your imagination! Here are some suggestions:

  • Superheros
  • Father’s Day gifts & Mother’s Day gifts
  • Princesses & Pirates
  • Tea Party
  • Holidays (Christmas, Easter, 4th of July)
  • Family Reunion
  • Pets
  • Sports and Dance

Tips for a Successful Host

  • Have snacks (it keeps the little ones busy who are waiting for their turn). You can provide snacks yourself or do it potluck style have have everyone bring a little something to share.
  • Have a guest list and order set for the day of.
  • Schedule your session first that day, you will be very busy coordinating your guests and will likely get tired out!
  • Schedule your guests’ sessions 15 min apart. Schedule them consecutively so there aren’t any gaps (i.e. 10, 10:15, 10:30, etc). Let your guests know they aren’t required to stay the whole time.
  • Follow up with your guests with reminders

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